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We like to create futures. 

Our mission is to cut through the noise and hype, to understand what lies ahead — the possible, the probable, and the preferable.​ Our approach is a unique blend of consultation and collaboration, where we work hand-in-hand to construct the futures our clients aspire to.


The process is deeply interactive and client-focused. We harness the power of diverse intelligence and tools to design futures that are desirable and achievable.


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What people ask

What is Futures Studies?

Futures Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores and analyses possible future scenarios, trends, and developments. It aims to understand the potential trajectories of the future by examining various factors, including technological advancements, social, political, economic, and environmental changes, and their potential impacts on society. This academic discipline has gained prominence over the past few decades, offering valuable insights into the complex and rapidly changing world. It provides a systematic approach to anticipating future challenges and opportunities, making it a respected and essential tool for individuals and organisations seeking to navigate the uncertainties of tomorrow.

What industries does Futurely specialise in?

Futurely specialises in a wide range of industries, focussing on technology, law, sustainability, leadership, and strategy. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to assist companies and individuals from various sectors in shaping their desired futures.

Why is futures plural?

"Futures" in the context of "Futures Studies" is used in the plural form because it refers to multiple possible future scenarios or outcomes. Futures Studies is not concerned with predicting a single future, but rather exploring a range of potential futures, each with its own set of possibilities. By using the plural form "futures," it emphasises the idea that the future is not predetermined and can take various paths based on different factors and scenarios.

Is Futurely's consulting available internationally?

Yes, Futurely's consulting services are available internationally. Our roots in South Africa, a country known for its resilience and cultural diversity, often provide valuable insights and strategies that benefit our international clients. The experiences and adaptability learned from navigating the unique challenges of South Africa contribute to our ability to assist companies and individuals worldwide in preparing for and shaping their future landscapes.

What is Futures Consciousness?

Futures consciousness is all about how we think about the future. It means being proactive and thinking ahead. It's like having a roadmap for the future in your mind. When you have futures consciousness, you're prepared for what might come, and you make decisions with the future in mind. It's like being ready for different possibilities and changes. This way of thinking helps individuals and organisations adapt and plan for the future.

How can I book a consultation with Futurely?

To book a consultation with Futurely, simply reach out to us via email at or through the contact form on our website. We will respond to your inquiry and discuss your specific needs to tailor a consultation plan for you.


Futurely, founded in 2020 by futurist
Dr. Jackie Nagtegaal.

Futurely works with diverse teams and experts to ensure we match our clients with the best. 

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