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In some of our challenges, we explore worldviews through poetry.

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“What we excel at becomes our downfall … It is the self disowned, the future pushed away, that comes back to haunt us” (Milojević & Inayatullah).


Think about South Africa and how the Constitution and powerful phrases like “Rainbow Nation” and “The New South Africa” tried to create a new future ... did it work?


Write a poem about South Africa and the concept of a “disowned/used future”. 

R10 000 | Prize 

30 September 2022 | Closing Date

is the future non-binary?

The future of gender is being explored through a study using poetry. 


A call was made to poets to submit their work, and 138 poems were received. 

The winner of the competition was Dshamilja Roshani

These poems are currently being analysed to find deeper insight into gender experiences. 


poetic justice

Submissions from South African poets were thematically coded to contextualise the current data on the justice experience.


These are the stories we tell ourselves and others. These are the narratives we pass down that shape an intergenerational interaction with the law. These are the ideas that influence how, why and when we interact with the law.